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Float Free with Stogie Floatie this Spring!

Spring on to your Stogie Floatie with Free Shipping! Summer is right around the corner and now is the time to buy your Stogie Floatie! We have free shipping on the Stogie Floatie all spring long with the promo code FLOATFREE. The Stogie Floatie will be the envy of all you friends this summer with it's oversized length and durability. Stogie Floatie is also a great gift for bachelor or bachelorette parties coming up this summer! Surprise the bachelor or bachelorette with a Stogie Floatie and have them floating in style all through the party! The Stogie Floatie is also a great way for those cigar lovers to relax and float on huge cigars! Every cigar lover will enjoy relaxing in the pool with a Stogy Floatie luxury pool float. A great gift of a cigar aficionado! This Stogie Floatie is a great party idea and a super gift for everyone to enjoy in the pool. Use promo code FLOATFREE on this site and enjoy free shipping of the Stogie Floatie!


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